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These pages will reveal some work on reconstructing the edition of the New Testament used by an early Christian group, called the Marcionites after their founder Marcion of Sinope. This edition consisted of only one Gospel and ten Pauline Letters, as opposed to the four Gospels and 14 Pauline letters contained in the canonical New Testament.

Most of the scholars behind the work on display here are located at the Institute for Biblical Studies (Institut für Evangelische Theologie) at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany.

The content and materials stem from various projects at said institute. Matthias Klinghardt spent years on the reconstruction of the Marcionite Gospel. He tried to prove this text to be the oldest published version of a Gospel in Antiquity. Currently we are running the project TENT (The earliest Edition of the New Testament), extending his hyptheses and methods and adopting them to the Pauline letters.


Many scholars are involved in the research connected to the material on display here, foremost:

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Klinghardt, chair holder and main contributor
  • Dr. Jan Heilmann, TENT project coordinator
  • Dr. Juan Garces, digital humanities specialist from SLUB library
  • Daniel Pauling, administrator of these pages
  • ...and many others, not named here...

Marcion Variants

Here you can find a table containing the witnesses for textual variants of the marcionite Gospel as contained in manuscripts and scriptures of early Christian writers.

Marcion's Gospel

You want to see the reconstructed text of the marcionite Gospel, together with the evidence for that reconstruction? You will soon find it here.

Eastern Noninterpolations

In our blog over at hypotheses.org we continually inform you about developments of our projects, as well as in New Testament studies and the Digital Humanities. There we welcome discussions with you on our research.
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